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HHT Europe is willing to partner in international and / or European scientific projects which contribute to patient-centered HHT research and ultimately to improved patient-centered healthcare.

We are a European federation of 12 national HHT patient organizations representing a large network of about 90 000 people with HHT and their families. When participants are needed for clinical trials, we have the network to be able to draw from. Furthermore HHT Europe has insight into patient needs and challenges due to our close relationship with our members.

Our delegates are patient advocates who have received from Eurordis training in clinical trials and medical research for rare diseases.

Reflecting the patient perspective in research projects is key to creating successful treatments.

If you suspect your patient has HHT, we encourage you to contact:-

  • The national/regional HHT Centre of Excellence or expert team
  • The National HHT Patient Organisation

If there is no HHT expertise in your country please contact VASCERN who may be able to assist.

To access the 2nd International Guidelines for the Diagnosis & Management of HHT, click HERE

If you need any further assistance please contact us on

Let’s collaborate!

To partner with HHT Europe for your research don’t hesitate to contacts us